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Welcome to petcarelocal

If you are thinking of welcoming a pet into your home then there are many issues that you must consider, such as pet insurance, pet training, and pet food. Luckily, petcarelocal.co.uk has all the information you need for caring for your pet, whether itís a dog, rabbit, budgie, or iguana.

On this website youíll find handy hints about purchasing a pet from a pet shop, breeder or rescue home, information about extra pet products you may need, such as a cage, kennel or hutch, pet insurance, and pet toys, and details on pet professionals including vets and pet groomers.

Along with all this information there is a comprehensive listings section with contact details for pet care services, including pet shops, pet insurance companies, catteries and boarding kennels, across the UK, including pet care in Fife, Blackburn, Hull, London, Brighton and Wrexham.

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